5 Song EP

by The Neuroses

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Recorded between 2014 and 2016 in basements and bedrooms in Denver, CO and Los Angeles, CA


released October 4, 2016

All Songs Written by Joshua Elza Tucci, Except "My Island" Written by Joshua Elza Tucci, Joseph Lamiell and Justin Drummond

All instruments by Joshua Elza Tucci- additional vocals on "I Don't Know What I'm Thinking" by Hañalina Lucero



all rights reserved


The Neuroses Los Angeles, California

The Neuroses are Hañalina Lucero, Joe Lamiell and Joshua Elza Tucci. They are based in Los Angeles, CA.

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Track Name: I'll Watch The Walls
I’m drawing patterns
On a scratched and dirty page
And I’ve been writing here for days
To keep my mind from going blank
I’m writing words down
To the songs you’ll never hear
‘Cause they will never leave my head
And I will stay here ‘till I’m dead

And I’ll just watch the walls ‘till then

I’m picking pieces
From the lives I could’ve lead
If I had gotten out of bed
Took a walk outside instead
I’m sewing stitches
And my eyes are going red
Trying to make something that’s real
That the hands of time will feel

Or frantic patterns on a page
No one’s listening
So I could just fade
Into the darkness
I think I’ll watch the walls ‘till then

I keep on hearing
All these sounds inside my ears
City noise and bitter tears
Which is wisdom, which is fear
I’m drawing patterns
but I’m not sure which are mine
Which have been here all along
Am I blind or am I dumb

I’m writing words down
Try to put my mind at ease
But the process never ends
I know these wounds will never mend
I’m pulling pieces
But they’ll never be enough
It all just crumbles in my hand
Turns to vapor, turns to sand

My words will turn to dust too
And No one’s watching
So then why do I give a fuck
What they want from me?
I should’ve never left my bed
I think I’ll watch the walls instead
Track Name: I Don't Know What I'm Thinking (Demo Version)
I wish my head was setup
Just a little better
Wish my words weren’t
Pouring down my throat
Words that meant so much to me
A second sooner
I Beat my wings
When others seem to float

I just want to cultivate
The sound in my mind
Put my thoughts to paper
Let them go
I have no more in interest perfection
I find
I just want to realize
what I’m thinking
But oh
I don’t know I’m thinking
I don’t know what I’m
Track Name: Walk On the Sun
I’d like to walk on the sun
Walk a full rotation
Molten vapor like a drug
I’d like to walk on the sun
Looking down
I see the smiling faces everyone

I’d like to sleep on the moon
Feel the weightlessness
That lifts my mind
And lifts my fear
I’d like to sleep in your room
Feel the weightlessness
The no one else could ever share

I’ll drift away in the sea
A million stars are like
The blinking lights
Inside my dreams
I’m feeling lighter than air
I’m drifting slowly towards a state
Where I no longer care
Track Name: My Island
Here on my island
there’s nothing to prove
I can sit on the beach
I have nothing to do
The plants are all greener
The water is blue

Here on my island
I have an empty head
I have no remorse and I have no regret
I left it all on the main land
I don’t miss it yet

The sun’s shining at me
Say’s I’m doing fine
The ocean is waving to me
All the time
I’ve no need of a shelter, no need of a home
Through valleys and jungles and mountains I roam
‘Cause everything thing here is all mine
And I feel fine
Track Name: Grave (Live Version)
I wasted all my time
Spent it at the five and dime
And everything just fell apart
Was never what I really want

Now I’m lying in this hole
Left with just an empty soul
And all the good I’ve never done
My demons come I turn and run

I have these pictures in my head
Resting in my final bed
The different lives I shared mine with
The different ways it turned to shit
I feel your hand inside my hand
You ask if I could be your man
And I’d love if you would be my girl
But I know none of this is real

I feel the dirt upon my back
I know that you’re not coming back
Know there is no second try
No tears left for my eyes to cry
I look upon the dirt above
There is no life
There is no love
But your face is still burned in my brain
There cannot be a greater pain!